Vacuum Review: Oreck XL Platinum Pilot

December 22, 2011




XL Platinum Pilot






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Over the years I have had many chances to use Oreck vacuums and have always been a fan. When there is a job to do and somebody builds a lightweight easy to use machine to do it, I’m all for it. With the XL Platinum Pilot series Oreck has outdone themselves.

As is the tradition of Oreck, the Pilot is a lightweight machine suitable for light residential or daily commercial work. The key to the Pilot is the swivel feature. Any time a vacuums head can pivot, it becomes much easier to maneuver. Going around sofas, table legs, along the edges of the walls, are much easier with a vacuum that turns on a dime. You can also lay the Pilot flat, making cleaning under beds and furniture a breeze.

In the past I have heard people complain that Oreck vacuums tend to clog easily. I use vacuums much more frequently and strenuously than most people and I found nothing in the Pilot that would cause it to clog more than any other Vacuum. The motor is plenty powerful, and the brush bar is more than adequate to tackle all your common dirt, and dust. That combined with the HEPA filtering bag that keeps pollens and other allergens out of the air, add up to well functioning machine. That said, if you have long haired dogs in your house and only vacuum once every few months this or any other vacuum will clog.

Not only will this machine vacuum your carpet but it will also work on your hard surface floors. It has a two speed switch that allows it to work perfectly on wood, tile, linoleum, etc. when set on low speed.

A few other features that scored high with me were: It did a good job of cleaning right up to the wall, and the headlight was the best I’ve ever seen on a vacuum cleaner. The bag is very easy to change, and for a lightweight vacuum it was not as noisy as I expected (lightweight machines tend to be louder than traditional ones). The vacuum does not come with attachments but most Orecks are available with a small attachment vacuum sold with them.

I would give this machine an enthusiastic four out of five stars.