Vacuum Review: Simplicity Symmetry Classic








Symmetry Classic






16 lbs.

Cord length:


Available At:

Danny’s Vacuum Shop

1 Padre Pkwy # C
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 584-0225


Residential: yes       Commercial yes        Heavy Duty no


Before I used this vacuum I was not sure that I was going to like it, but wow, was I pleasantly surprised. This is a very basic machine (I used the one with no tools), but with its quiet motor, ergonomic handle, and ease of use, I give it high marks. From pet hair to sand and everything in between this machine performed far better than many more expensive ones (even an occasional paper clip doesn’t slow it down). The front of the machine gets about as close to the wall as possible and the right side has an edge brush that also performed very well. It will lay flat to go under most furniture, but like most uprights the head is fairly tall so it probably won’t go under your bed.

The brush bar /beater bar is driven by a non ribbed rubber belt which means it has to be changed every few months. At about $1.50, and no tools required this is a small price to pay for a quality machine. It only has a foam filter filtration system so I recommend using genuine Simplicity HiFlow Hepa vacuum bags. They will give you all the filtration you need in most cases. The 24’ cord is also pretty short, but that can easily be replaced with a longer one.

The Symmetry Classic is primarily designed with residential vaccuming in mind. After using this vacuum though, I was so impressed that I bought one and put it in my carpet cleaning van. As a professional who’s always concerned with image I really like the looks of the machine. I use it multiple times every day and it always works perfectly. I keep waiting for it to break, but it’s just not happening. I did put a longer commercial cord on it, and I go through bands every few weeks, but without a doubt, this has been one of my favorite vacuums ever. I use a damp towel on it at the end of the day and it always looks great.

As with all vacuums, I use a 10’-12’ hose for the attachment tools (bought separately) because I find on-board tools with those 2’-3’ attached hoses to be useless. With the long hose you can leave the vacuum in the middle of the room, and out of the way when using the upholstery or edge tools.

With a price tag of about $300 this is not only a good machine but also a very good value. Five out of five stars here!!!





Golden Gate Carpet Cleaning

 643 Martin Ave. #3Rohnert Park, Ca. 94928 – 707-588-8879


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